Cowardly refusing to `sudo brew install'って言われたよ


Komuro-no-MacBook-Air:~ komuro$ sudo brew install python
Cowardly refusing to `sudo brew install'

Komuro-no-MacBook-Air:~ komuro$ sudo su
sh-3.2# brew install python
Cowardly refusing to `sudo brew install'


Why does Homebrew say sudo is bad?

tl;dr Sudo is dangerous, and you installed TextMate.app without sudo anyway.

Homebrew is designed to work without using sudo. You can decide to use it but we strongly recommend not to do so. If you have used sudo and run into a bug then it is likely to be the cause. Please don’t file a bug report unless you can reproduce it after reinstalling Homebrew from scratch without using sudo.
You should only ever sudo a tool you trust. Of course, you can trust Homebrew ;) But do you trust the multi-megabyte Makefile that Homebrew runs? Developers often understand C++ far better than they understand make syntax. It’s too high a risk to sudo such stuff. It could break your base system, or alter it subtly.
And indeed, we’ve seen some build scripts try to modify /usr even when the prefix was specified as something else entirely.

Did you chown root /Applications/TextMate.app? Probably not. So is it that important to chown root wget?

make sense!